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Welcome to our Labs


Ever since we started, we’ve helped our clients leapfrog ahead of their competitors through innovation. Labs is where we run our experiments and validations. We provide an arsenal of instruments for any innovation challenge: short sprints, user-tested prototypes, and many other methods that will ignite your appetite for the future. 

Curious? Let’s talk about your next leap.

Some of the most popular experiments in our Labs


Design Sprint

When the stakes are high, there’s no room for error. The solution is simple: validate your concept in a Design Sprint. Our experts will help you get the most out of your ideas.

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Conversational Sprint

Bring your brand into people’s lives with a chatbot or voice assistant. These conversations are fun, fast and personal. In just a few days, we’ll help you validate your first concept.

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AI Sprint

Technologies like machine learning, image recognition and neural networks can help your organization work better and faster. Find the type of AI that’s right for you in our two-day Sprint.

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