What makes a frog?

A true frog is driven by a passion and love for great digital experiences. A happy frog values agility, embraces team effort, and thrives in a non-hierarchical environment with a shared responsibility for success. A successful frog is a creative mind in its own way, whether that is technical, user or process driven. We hope that every frog sees our office as an enjoyable pond where anyone can feel at ease and work on awesome experiences for even cooler clients.

Current vacancies

UX Designer

We are looking for a creative mind! Someone who can help to get the full potential out of the experiences we build for our great clients. You need to have a good balance between IQ (logics) and EQ (feeling) and you are an optimistic result-driven team player.

Business Developer

We are looking for a creative, and commercial business developer. A visionary who does his / her work with passion. Someone who has the soft skills and the hard skills and who will maintain and develop client-business relationships.

Open interview

So, you think you’d make a great frog, but you don’t see yourself in the profiles on this page? Just send us your CV and tell us who you are. Let’s talk!