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Some people always slow your projects down. Get them on board with a Design Sprint. In less than a week, you’ll move from idea to validated prototype. You'll be surprised how fast your team can move. 🚀

Day 1

Map and target

Welcome to the Sprint! From now on, we’re in this together. One team, with your stakeholders and our experts. Today, we’ll create a map of your challenge and set the scope of the Sprint. Once we have a clear vision, we’ll set a target for the rest of the week.

Day 2

Sketch the possibilities

The second day is all about crazy ideas. After a big bowl of inspiration for breakfast, we’ll dream up new ways to tackle your challenge. How? With a pen, paper, and critical thinking. We’ll get our creativity flowing and sketch till we drop.

Day 3

Decide on a plan

Halfway through the week, it’s time to make up our minds. We’ll judge the different solutions we sketched. Once your stakeholders have picked the most promising options, we’ll create a storyboard that will serve as the blueprint for your prototype.

Day 4

Build a prototype

Four days in, things will start to get real. Using the storyboard, our designers and developers will turn the winning concept into a prototype. Meanwhile, we’ll prepare an interview script for tomorrow’s test sessions with users.

Day 5

Validate with users

The grand finale! On the last day of the Sprint, we’ll test your prototype. By observing how real humans use your product, you’ll learn whether your initial assumptions were valid. With these validated insights, you can start paving the road ahead.

  • Blokker

    “ In the Design Sprint, we learned that our customers didn’t reason as we expected. We were so satisfied with the results of the Sprint that we decided to do another validation with aFrogleap.”

    - Arjen Veerman, CRM program manager at blokker

  • Publieke Waarden logo

    “ We teamed up with aFrogleap to learn whether we can automate our routines. The Sprint gave us a clear vision of how we'd like to do that. With these results, we can also approach our investors.”

    - Eelke Blokker, action reseacher at Publieke Waarden

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Most ideas look great on paper, but only some will make a dent in the real world. By validating your concepts early, you’ll reduce your risk of wasting time and money on the wrong projects. For a bulletproof concept, start with a Sprint.

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When Blokker asked us to do a Design Sprint, they wanted to validate a new customer loyalty program. The Sprint taught them which part of their plans appealed to  customers, and which elements didn’t.

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