Validate your conversational concept in 5 steps

Getting close to your customers is simple: just talk to them. Bring your brand into people’s everyday life with a chatbot or voice assistant. In less than a week, our experts will help you build and validate your first concept.

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Step 1

Map your domain

In the first stage of the Sprint, our experts will guide you through the best practices of conversational design. As a team, we’ll set a long-term goal and explore your customer journey. Where might we find opportunities for conversations that add customer value?

Step 2

Sketch your conversation

Once you’re familiar with the foundations of conversational, it’s time to stop talking and start doing. In this stage, everyone on the team designs a conversational flow. Together, we’ll run through each of the concepts and pick the elements we like best.

Step 3

Create your storyboard

Using the best ideas from the sketches, we’ll create a storyboard. This board will serve as the blueprint for your prototype and the testing scenario. In this stage, we’ll also discuss your desired tone of voice. Is your brand sober or sassy? And how do you feel about GIFs?

Step 4

Build your prototype

With the storyboard ready, we’ll start building. Your prototype could be a live Messenger bot or a conversation demo with Alexa or Google Assistant. During this process, you’ll get the chance to test iterations of the prototype. This way, you stay in control of the final product. 

Step 5

Validate your concept

Once we finish the prototype, it’s time to start testing. By observing how real humans use your product, you’ll learn about the potential of your concept. Your prototype will also help you convince others of the promising possibilities of conversational interfaces.

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Most ideas look great on paper, but only some will make a dent in the real world. By validating your concepts early, you’ll reduce your risk of wasting time and money on the wrong projects. For a bulletproof conversational concept, start with a Sprint.

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