Zorg & Zekerheid service app

Health insurance should be stress-free. With the Zorg en Zekerheid app, filing a claim becomes a quick and easy experience, just as it should be. Requesting a reimbursement is as simple as taking a picture of your invoice. On top of that, the app gives a clear overview of your health insurance policy conditions. This way, the app reduces the paper workload for both the client and its customers.

The client
Zorg & Zekerheid

iOS, Android

The challenge

  • Increase the amount of claims filed digitally
  • Improve customer happiness
  • Provide a reliable, personal and friendly experience

The product

  • Allows you to request reimbursement with a simple photo of your healthcare bills
  • Removes the hassle of having to log in every time you want to file a claim
  • Keeps all insurance information in a single place