Miss Casey

Miss Casey is a travel app with a personal assistant that will answer all your questions about flights, luggage, delay compensations and insurance. You can file quick compensation claims for flight and luggage issues from within the app.

Miss Casey can tell you exactly what to do in a range of different travel scenarios, as her knowledge is based on 148,000 previous claims regarding cancelled flights, delays and lost luggage. If disaster strikes, Miss Casey knows which documents you need. She’ll also keep you informed about your rights as a flight passenger, and she can help you file claims to receive compensation for delays, cancellations or lost luggage. With Miss Casey, you’ll travel well-prepared.


The client
Miss Casey

iOS, Android

The challenge

  • Create an easy way for users to file air travel claims on the go
  • Transform Miss Casey’s expertise of 148,000 claim cases into a personal experience for every user
  • Inform users about their rights as flight passengers

The product

  • Lets users file compensation claims for luggage delays, flight delays and flight cancellations
  • Uses a conversational interface to provide personal advice
  • Synchronizes trip data across multiple devices