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Jedlix is a service that helps electric car owners to charge their car at the cheapest and most environmentally friendly moment. The app allows users to connect their car and energy provider to efficiently balance the network.

Coming home and plugging your car in to let it charge to 100% is easy, but green? Not really. The amount of renewable energy on the grid changes dramatically during the day. When there is not enough green energy to meet demands, coal plants produce more energy to balance the power grid. Jedlix dynamically stops and starts car charging based on the amount of available energy, making sure your car is always fully charged when you need it. The compensation Jedlix receives for this, is shared with the user. This way, electric car charging is always smart, green and cheap

The client

iOS, Android


The challenge

  • Creating a fast and intuitive smart charging platform

  • Making sure car owners can connect to their specific car brand for more elaborate data and more efficient charging

  • Constantly aligning the app’s features with the user’s needs to create a sustainable service

The product

  • Lets users automatically smart charge their car based on their weekly routines

  • Gives users the possibility of connecting their Jedlix account to their Tesla or Renault, creating even more opportunities for smart charging.

  • Lets electric car owners earn money which automatically gets paid to their bank account

The results

  • Amount of successfully onboarded users improved over 40%

  • Design successfully validated with actual real life users

  • A rating of more than 4 stars on the App Store

If you have questions regarding the Jedlix app or what we can do for your business, contact Jesse Burkunk (jesse@burkunk.nl or +31 624 44 99 17), he would be happy to tell you all about it!