EHBO Chatbot & App

Medical emergency? Don’t panic. For the Dutch Red Cross, we developed a set of digital first aid products: an app that offers first aid instructions for any situation, and a chatbot that provides quick medical advice on messaging platforms.



The Red Cross EHBO app offers first aid instructions for any situation. Whether you need advice on burning, poisoning, unconsciousness or bruises, the app will tell you exactly what to do. It will also guide you to the nearest AED location or first aid station. In addition, the app lets you test your CPR knowledge and sign up for a first aid course.

“aFrogleap proactively pushes us to improve on subjects like the content, user experience and functionality of our First Aid apps. Thanks to the innovative and technical skills of this mobile agency, our First Aid apps are more popular than ever before.”
Simone van Oosten, EHBO Marketeer at The Netherlands Red Cross

iOS, Android, watchOS (beta)

The challenge

  • Provide quick medical advice in case of an emergency

  • Improve first aid skills of Dutch citizens and stimulate participation in first aid courses

  • Allow users to add, check and update AED locations

The product

  • Clear instructions and intuitive design to quickly find what you need

  • Visual and auditory explanations for the most common emergency situations

  • First aid assessment to test your personal knowledge and skills

The results

  • More than 1.6 million installs

  • Over 3500 users are volunteering to add more AED locations to the app

  • A yearly average of 50 people use the app during a real reanimation

If you have questions regarding the EHBO case or about the possibilities of native app development or what it can do for your business, please contact Jesse Burkunk




When every second counts, there’s no time to download an app. The Red Cross chatbot provides quick medical advice on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Skype, where most users are already present. Through natural language processing, the chatbot interprets users’ questions and replies with relevant advice. Because the conversational interface is already familiar to users, there is virtually no learning curve.

Facebook Messenger & Skype

The challenge

  • Provide first aid information as quickly as possible

  • Interpret natural language questions and reply with relevant advice

  • Make first aid instructions accessible to a larger audience

The product

  • Conversational UI provides an intuitive way to move from symptoms to medical advice

  • Machine learning continually improves recognition of symptoms and situations

  • Uses familiar messaging platforms where users are already present

If you have questions regarding the EHBO chatbot or about the possibilities of chatbots or what conversational UI can do for your business, Jesse Burkunk ( would be happy to tell you all about it!