Learn from NASA, Google, and aFrogleap at World ...

Learn from NASA, Google, and aFrogleap at World Summit AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is like teenagers and sex. Everybody is talking about it, but nobody is really doing it. This week, we’ll help you get to first base with a keynote and workshop at World Summit AI in Amsterdam. When nothing is sure, everything is possible. That’s certainly true for AI. We’re on the brink of the intelligence era, and the world is only just starting to dream up all of AI’s possibilities. Because so much is still uncertain, taking your first steps in AI can be intimidating. That’s why you can count on aFrogleap to get you started.

On October 11th and 12th 2017, we’re part of the line-up at World Summit AI at Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek. World Summit AI is a two-day conference for the entire AI ecosystem: Enterprise, Startups & Investors and Deep Tech. The event consists of presentations, announcements, workshops, on-site demos of the latest developments in AI, and many opportunities to spark new partnerships.

Among the speakers, you’ll find experts from NASA, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM Watson, Alibaba, Intel, Netflix, eBay, and the United Nations. We’re happy to announce that aFrogleap will be present at the Summit too: our co-founder Bart Fussel will inspire the audience with a keynote speech. We’re also organizing an interactive AI workshop.

Bart’s keynote speech: UX versus AI

Anyone who cares about creating customer value should care about user experience (UX). That’s why, as a digital product agency, we’re particularly interested in the interplay between artificial intelligence and UX. During World Summit AI, our co-founder Bart Fussel will get on stage for a keynote speech on AI and user experience. With inspiring examples from different industries all over the world, Bart will show what the impact of AI could mean for the experience of your users and customers.

Interactive workshop: Getting started with AI

When you’re getting ready for the future, you’ll soon reach a point where you’ve got to stop talking and start doing. That’s why we’re hosting an interactive AI workshop at the Summit. You’ll explore your first steps in AI with the help of two of our innovation experts. The workshop will help you find out how AI can provide answers to the challenges you’re facing.

Join us

Are you attending World Summit AI? Let us know, and maybe we can meet up while you’re there. Send a quick e-mail to ai@afrogleap.com.

Whether you’re attending the Summit or not, we’re always ready to get you started on your AI journey. With one of our AI Sprints, we can get your future up to speed in less than two days. To see what’s possible, reach out to us at ai@afrogleap.com or call +31 20 7542266.