Schadeformulier: the next step for the Digital ...

Schadeformulier: the next step for the Digital European Accident Statement

After a car accident, paperwork should be the least of your worries. That’s why we released the Schadeformulier app. The app provides a clear checklist of what information to collect after an accident, making it easy to report the damage to your insurance company. With our Schadeformulier app, filling out a European Accident Statement becomes an effortless experience. Since the launch of Schadeformulier, we’ve received much positive feedback: both users and insurance companies appreciate our solution. We were nominated for the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards 2016, and the app has an average App Store rating of 4.5 stars. On top of that, the Schadeformulier has more than 8000 active users and generated more than 2000 damage reports in one year.

So, we started to think bigger:

Our vision is a world where digital damage reports fully replace the paper version. This will improve the experience of users and simplify the work of those who must handle the form once it reaches the insurance company. To fully replace the paper reports with digital ones, it is necessary to build a full ecosystem that can scale to include millions of users.

Improvements to the Schadeformulier app

At aFrogleap, we aim to build digital products that reach high standards for our clients. That’s why we believe it’s essential to launch products quickly, after which we can test and improve them. Thanks to short iteration cycles, we know your product is always heading in the right direction (or we can pivot if necessary.) A quick launch also generates the feedback we need to improve your product.

With the Digital European Accident Statement, we act no different. Since introducing the Schadeformulier app last year, we have implemented the following improvements:

  • Signature flow. Part of the feedback we received from insurers was the importance of having a legal authentication of the report. In response, we implemented a leading solution that allows users to sign their report and authenticate themselves through SMS.
  • Multiple vehicle types. It is now possible to select different vehicles types, as accidents can involve several modes of transportation. The app now supports cars, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, and trucks.
  • Android version. In addition to Schadeformulier for iOS, we launched an Android version. This way, the Digital European Accident Statement can be used by as many people as possible.
  • Bug fixes. Finally, we’ve fixed some bugs to make sure users have the smoothest experience possible.

All insurers can now implement Schadeformulier

We believe it should be possible for all insurers to implement our solution for their customers so that they too can benefit from this innovation. Increasing the share of people that file their damage report digitally will allow us to reach a scale at which a digital solution can become the standard. That’s why we created two possibilities for companies to use our digital damage report:

  • A stand-alone app. Any business can license the app and get a fully customized version that matches the look and feel of their own brand.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK allows the same custom branding as the stand-alone app, but also allows integration of the product into any existing company app. This is a powerful option, as customers won’t have to download an additional app if they already have their insurance company’s app.

We also offer the possibility for companies to link the product directly to their own systems. This way, essential user information can be pre-filled inside the app. Even more powerfully, users can upload data from reports directly into the back-end systems. This method has two significant benefits:

  • Lower operational costs. A higher share of reports filed digitally means it is no longer necessary to have a large team to handle reports.
  • Lower damage costs. Automatically loading reports into your systems means a reduction of the time necessary to deal with each case. That means customers will need replacement cars for a shorter amount of time, reducing the total costs of a case.

First client for Schadeformulier

Since the launch of the Schadeformulier app, we have been in touch with many insurance companies. We are now honored to announce that we have signed our first client for Schadeformulier. A first client is always a special moment, as it forms the foundation of the ecosystem we are building to improve people’s lives.

Digital Insurance Agenda Event

Because of our work on the Schadeformulier, we were selected to attend the annual DIA event in Amsterdam. DIA is a must-see event for insurtech and innovation in insurance. We were there to present our product to more than 200 companies from over 30 countries. The attention and feedback assured us that we are on the right track. We hope the connections we made at the event will bring us closer to our goal of a fully digital damage report ecosystem.

Interested in what our Schadeformulier product could do for your company? Both your organization and your customers could benefit from our stand-alone app, SDK, and back-end integration. Get in touch, and we will show you the benefits for your company.