Sun, Skûtsjes and Solexes at O’Connect ’17

Sun, Skûtsjes and Solexes at O’Connect ’17

Endless lakes, sailing ships and the green fields of Friesland. That’s what our frogs witnessed when they got off the bus last week. A few hours earlier, we departed from Amsterdam for our yearly get-together with our colleagues from the Oxyma group. All aboard for O’Connect!

The lakes of Heeg, near Sneek

Every year, we organize a special weekend with our colleagues from Oxyma, OFS, Oogst, and YourSocial. Last year, we danced at Vestrock Festival. The beautiful city of Paris was our destination the year before. This time, we decided to get nautical. We headed up north, where we settled down in the peaceful surroundings of Sneek, ready for a weekend filled with fun, sun and sailing.

BBQ with colleagues

On Friday night, we caught up with our colleagues over barbecue and beers. With more than 200 people there, we had plenty to talk about. After a welcome speech by Oxyma’s CEO, Jos van Loo, we turned up the music and danced deep into the night.

Traversing land and water

The next morning, we set out to enjoy Friesland. After boarding a bunch of different ships, big and small, we sailed across the lakes and watched the skûtsjesilen from the comfort of our own boats.

There’s something incredibly zen about the way these traditional boats harnass the power of the wind. That peace didn't last long, though. Once we got back on solid ground, we decided to shake things up with a set of Solex mopeds. They're fast, fun and the right kind of noisy.

Solex tour Friesland

You’d think that exploring the countryside on a motorized bicycle would be a simple enough excercise: put some adults on a bike, give them a map and two hours to get to their destination. What could possibly go wrong? Well, it might have been the presence of roadside cafés…

In the end, everyone made it home safely. We hopped back on the bus with a big, satisfied grin on our faces. We had a great time in Sneek, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s company incentive.

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