Flight cancelled? Luggage delayed? Get your ...

Flight cancelled? Luggage delayed? Get your money back with Miss Casey

Imagine this: it’s a hot, sweaty evening in the Palermo airport. This morning, you left home on a flight from Amsterdam. Now, after a five-hour layover in Rome, you’ve finally arrived at your destination. But when you get off the plane, you find out that your luggage is at the wrong airport. What do you do? Who do you contact? When you’re tired from traveling, situations like these can be stressful. Wouldn't it be great if you had an app to help you out? Today, we’re proud to show you one of our latest projects: Miss Casey. It’s a travel app with a personal assistant that will answer all your questions about flights, luggage, delay compensations and insurance. If something goes wrong on your trip, you can ask Miss Casey to help you claim your rights. To ensure a personal experience, she’ll communicate with you in a personal conversation.

Miss Casey - Your personal travel assistant

File a compensation claim with Miss Casey

Miss Casey can tell you exactly what to do in a range of different travel scenarios: her knowledge is based on 148,000 previous claims regarding cancelled flights, delays and lost luggage. If disaster strikes, Miss Casey knows which documents you need. She’ll also keep you informed about your rights as a flight passenger. She can even help you file claims to receive compensation for delays, cancellations or lost luggage.

Miss Casey also offers to store your travel documents safely inside the app, together with photos of your luggage. This can come in handy in case your luggage gets lost or stolen. Together with Miss Casey, you'll be able to find out whether you are eligible for compensation. She can also tell you whether your credit card company's insurance will cover your travel issues.

Miss Casey App Screenshots

A user-centric approach to travel

When we first started working with the people behind Miss Casey, we organized a Google Design Sprint. We teamed up with the client to validate different approaches, one of which we turned into a working prototype in just five days.

One of the biggest insights from the Sprint was that the client had an extensive wealth of experience in the flight claim business, but each user would only need a very narrow portion of that expertise. This idea became central in our approach to the Miss Casey app.

The old-fashioned way of developing this app would have been to create a complete overview of passenger rights in different scenarios. However, we soon realized that to put the experience of the user central, we needed to do things differently. We wanted to depart from the user’s perspective: “Miss Casey, I have a problem. Can you help me?”

Miss Casey is here to talk to users

Start a conversation with Miss Casey

To build a user-centric travel companion, we decided to take a conversational approach. By letting users chat with Miss Casey, we offer them a familiar interface they already use every day. This removes the learning curve, allowing users to start using the app right when they need it.

A conversational interface is a great way to quickly bring users the details that are relevant to them, instead of overwhelming them with information. On top of that, a one-on-one chat feels much more personal than scrolling through menus. That's why chatbots are a great way to build engaging customer experiences.

Download Miss Casey for free at misscasey.com, or directly on Android and iOS.

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Chatbots and conversational interfaces can change the way you interact with your customers. Want to learn how? We offer a five-day Google Design Sprint to quickly validate different options. Reach out to us at info@afrogleap.com