Meeting new developers at the Coding Bootcamp ...

Meeting new developers at the Coding Bootcamp Job Fair

Here’s a cliché: it’s never too late to learn how to code. Everyone with a good set of brains and access to a computer can become a developer. That’s a beautiful thought, but it’s even better when it’s put into practice. Last week, we saw it happen; we met a bunch of young people who learned to code in only two months. Le Wagon, a French coding school with a branch in Amsterdam, aims to bring technical skills to creative people. In 9 weeks, they teach folks from many different backgrounds the fundamental tools of web design: Ruby, Git, OOP, MVC, SQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and Rails. At the end of their program, students have built up experience in web development and know how to think like a software engineer.

Taking developers on a date

Last week, Le Wagon invited us to meet up with their alumni at the Coding Bootcamp Job Fair. The idea of the event was to match these brand new developers with companies that need their skills. At aFrogleap, we’re always looking for young talent, so we sent some our frogs to the event. Let’s hear what our account manager Maarten has to say about his experience at the job fair.

“The job market was set up like a dating event. We met the developers in twelve 10-minute speed dates. Everyone had a different story. We spoke to someone who learned to code in his spare time and now used Le Wagon’s program as a kickstarter for a new career. We also met someone who used to work in finance, but had now made the switch to web development!”

Working at a digital product agency

“The fact that aFrogleap is an agency was a plus to many of the developers. Most of them were excited about the idea of working for big and diverse clients like KLM, the Red Cross, and BMW. They were also intrigued by our plans with artificial intelligence. AI is a promising field with many new possibilities.”

“On top of that, they seemed to appreciate that we are a young, international team in Amsterdam. We were one of the few non-corporate agencies at the event, so I think we had an advantage there. Creative minds are simply more at home in an informal atmosphere.”

Work should be fun. At aFrogleap, it is!

“At the end of the day, we had a match with four developers. We liked them, and they liked us, so we agreed to go on a second date! Maybe we’ll even end up falling in love…”

“These kinds of programs are win-win. During their Coding Bootcamp, the developers acquainted themselves with many different front- and backend technologies. At aFrogleap, they’ll be able to explore and grow their expertise as a junior developer. We’ll give them all the support they need.”

You could be our next frog!

We all know what it’s like to be at the beginning of a career. You’re bustling with hopes, expectations, and questions: What do I want? What am I good at? What will make me happy? These are exciting questions, but the answers aren’t always clear. That’s why we love to help people get their career in coding started.

As a growing digital product agency, we’re always looking for new talent. Think you could be a match for our Amsterdam office? Have a look at

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You might just be our next frog!