“Meet the frogs” : Rafael Palmero

“Meet the frogs” : Rafael Palmero

This month, we're happy to announce that we've welcomed a new Android frog: Rafael! He decided to come live and work here in Amsterdam after leaving his warm hometown Seville, Spain. Before he landed here, he worked and lived in Berlin, Oslo and the UK.

Welcome to aFrogleap, what is your impression so far?

Thank you! Well, it's a good impression. I think I will find a lot of space to improve myself here. People really listen to each other and they're open when you have suggestions for improvements. I like this kind of culture, having the freedom to create awesome products and working together with nice colleagues. Working at an agency is completely different to me, since I previously worked mostly on the client-side.

So, what is it that you do at aFrogleap?

I build Android apps. That's what I do. Learning is very important to me and that was also the reason I wanted to work at an agency and be around a lot of other developers. My main target is to learn from others and to share what I know.

‘Funny facts’ that describe you in a different way?

A former CTO manager wrote a recommendation for me and he said that I create a nice environment. I used to arrange activities outside of work, such as going cart racing, which I really like. Furthermore, I mostly smile and tend to make stupid jokes all the time. A funny fact might be that I always used to have long hair! I still have to get used this short hair, when I look at this picture, for example. I liked the long hair, but I had had it for over 16 years and at one point I just thought it was enough.

Do you have a dream or vision? Some sort of life motto?

I'm happy, I have everything, I'm engaged (!), I play music, I do what I like... I play every kind of instrument, but I like to play the bass most. I played in 15 or 16 bands before. Maybe some sort of life motto would be: "Do what you like."

Any favourite apps at his moment?

I never have specific favorite apps, but I can tell you about the apps I use. I often use my bank app and the Yahoo weather app, all very practical apps. It is so cold in Amsterdam. That is the one thing I miss most about Seville: the sun, sun, sun! I just like apps with good features, like Airbnb. Those apps have a good user experience and I can learn from that as an Android developer.