Meet Minea, our new marketing frog from Finland!

Meet Minea, our new marketing frog from Finland!

Frogs live all around the world, even in places where humans need warm winter coats to stay alive. They're surprisingly good at beating the cold. To survive freezing temperatures, frogs release glucose into their bloodstream before they go into hibernation. This measure ensures that their blood remains liquid while the rest of their body freezes. In spring, they simply defrost and carry on being a frog. Why are we telling you this? It’s because we have a new, Nordic frog: Minea is joining us as a marketing intern, and she’s from Finland!

Actually, things are a little more complicated than that. Minea is from Finland, but she isn’t an ordinary Finn… Instead, she’s a Finn-Swede. “People think that means I’m half Swede, half Finn, but I’m 100 percent Finnish.” Confused? So were we, at first. But then Minea explained: “It means I speak both Finnish and Swedish as my mother tongue. Finn-Swedes form a minority language community in Finland, comparable to the Frisians in the Netherlands. Not all Finns appreciate us, but I’m proud to be a Finn-Swede.”

A courageous globetrotter

When Minea heard she had to do an internship as part of her degree in Business & Digital Marketing, she immediately knew she wanted to go abroad. “Why would I stay in Finland when I had the opportunity to go elsewhere? Some of my classmates told me it was a courageous thing to do, but all I could think was: come on, why aren’t you doing it? Get your ass out there.”

That’s how Minea ended up at our Amsterdam office. She’ll be here for a 10-week internship, and she’s already enjoying the city: “People in Amsterdam are so chill and friendly. I had been here once before as a tourist, but living here is even better. It was hard to find a room, but after that, I’ve had no difficulties at all.”

When Minea says she’s not planning to go back to Helsinki after her internship, it’s hard to tell whether she’s joking or not. That’s how much she likes Amsterdam. Either way, she’d like to keep working abroad after finishing her study: “If there is a chance to go, I’ll do it. I’d be happy to work anywhere. If there’s a job for me in Brazil, I’ll go to Brazil.”

Born and bred in the marketing business

This internship should be a great fit for Minea, as marketing flows through her veins: “I have a strong passion for marketing and advertising, mostly because I’ve grown up with it. Both of my parents are working in the marketing field, so it’s always been a presence in my life. Really, it’s the only thing I want to do. I’d love to start my own company one day.”

At aFrogleap, Minea will be working with our innovation team to organize a special event on artificial intelligence, coming up in May. She’s excited about the possibilities of AI: “Some people are scared of artificial intelligence, but it’s gonna happen anyway. That’s why I like thinking about how I would use AI. Yesterday, for instance, I was lying in bed with a migraine, and I couldn’t use my phone because the screen was too bright. My headache required me to keep the lights off, but if I had had a voice assistant like Alexa, she could have told me the things I wanted to see on my phone.”

Ten weeks of Amsterdam adventure

In a few months, Minea will be back home in Helsinki, eating ruisleipä (Finnish rye bread) with her family and her dog. Despite the cold, it sure sounds like a good place to call home: “Our dog, Louise, is like a human. She sits at the dining table with us, always giving love to our family.”

Until then, we’re very glad to have Minea around in our office. We’re sure she’ll do a great job at the AI event, and we hope she’ll have a great time exploring Amsterdam on her bike. Welcome to the pond, Minea!

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