Meet Bob, our new Burgundian biker frog and ...

Meet Bob, our new Burgundian biker frog and Product Owner!

“I once had a job where they told me to shave my beard. I let them know I’d quit if they made me do that.” That’s Bob, our new Product Owner. He’ll be leading one of our teams of developers, designers, and strategists. We’re happy he’s joining aFrogleap, and we’ll do whatever we can to protect his beard from previous employers.

Born and bred in the Deep South of Limburg, Bob is a real Burgundian. When moving up north, he brought along his love for food: “Cooking is my way to relax. When I come home, I put on a record and head straight into the kitchen. It clears my mind in the same way exercise does.”

Does he miss Limburg? “Not really. It’s both the most beautiful and the most boring bit of the Netherlands. There’s just no adventure in Limburg. I’ve lived in Amsterdam for three years now, and it still feels like I’m on holiday when I jump on my bike. I love the bustling of the city. That’s what I live for.”

Limburg landscape

A frog with a vision

Even though Bob is only 27, his career is already full of twists and turns. After studying real estate, he worked as an analyst at an organization that regularly sends out blue envelopes. However, Bob soon realized he was more interested in data and automation than in real estate. That’s why he switched to IT,  becoming a business consultant at a purchase automation firm.

But now, Bob is ready for more:

“What I missed before was being able to create things and to work with a vision. There was no room for that at my previous jobs. Here at aFrogleap, I’ll finally be able to shape the entire process. I'm eager to build new products together with our exciting clients.”

Bonding over bikes

On weekends, Bob is busy with an impressive personal project.

“I’ve always wanted to build a motorcycle. One day, I saw this great bike for sale, and my dad gave it to me for my birthday. Now, we are transforming it into a café racer together.”

“My dad and I share much of our character. We used to clash all the time, but building this bike has brought us closer together. My dad’s a perfectionist, but I learn a lot from him. You could say he’s my role model.”

“The goal is to finish the bike before this year’s Gentleman’s Ride in September. It’s a fundraising event for research into prostate cancer and mental health programs. Everyone suits up and rides custom bikes to raise money for a good cause. I can’t wait to ride this bike when it’s all done.”

B is for Badass

That’s Bob: a frog with a love for living on the edge. At aFrogleap, we like thrill seekers. That’s why we can’t wait to see Bob's vision of digital products. Get ready to start your engines. Welcome to the pond, Bob!

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