Here’s the new Kinderpostzegels app

Here’s the new Kinderpostzegels app

Ding dong! If you hear your doorbell ring this week, there’s a big chance you’ll open the door to the smile of a young face. Starting today, more than 150,000 Dutch kids are going door-to-door, selling Kinderpostzegels to raise funds for children in need. In cooperation with Kinderpostzegels, we built an app that makes the campaign even more fun. Stichting Kinderpostzegels is a Dutch organization working to support the development of vulnerable children all over the world. Each year, kids from 4,000 schools and 8,000 school classes go door-to-door, selling products to help other children.

Earlier this year, aFrogleap joined the digital transformation of Stichting Kinderpostzegels as a strategic, creative, and development partner. Together, we did a Design Sprint to explore how we could make the sales process more fun for kids and easier for buyers at the door. We tested a prototype app with young smartphone users, and we received feedback full of curiosity and enthusiasm.

No more paper forms

Using the insights from the Design Sprint, we started working on the full app. Today, we’re proud to show you the results.

The new Kinderpostzegels app for Android and iOS offers a playful and friendly experience to everyone who’s participating. Inside the app, kids can unlock special badges when they sell products. Placing an order is also much easier with the app, as children will no longer have to use paper forms. Another benefit: if you’re buying Kinderpostzegels at the door, you can now safely pay with iDeal.

We’re glad our app will let thousands of kids experience fundraising in a new, exciting way. By going digital, Kinderpostzegels has made a great step forward.

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