Meet Google's experts at the Oxyma AI Marketing ...

Meet Google's experts at the Oxyma AI Marketing event

In the age of AI, you have two options: adapt or die. To help your business survive, aFrogleap and the Oxyma Group are hosting a special event on AI and the future of digital marketing on May 30th. Today, we’re happy to announce that Google will be present at the event to share their vision on how AI will impact the future of search. As one of the major players in the field, Google is shaping the AI revolution. The Oxyma AI Marketing event is your chance to meet their experts. On behalf of Google Netherlands, agency performance consultant Josse Dorleijn will discuss how Google expects AI to change the future of search. In his talk, Dorleijn will cover topics like voice and image recognition, conversational interfaces, and automation.

You will also meet Bart Fussel, co-founder of aFrogleap. In his speech, Fussel will guide you through the near and distant future of AI. How will artificial intelligence affect us in the long run? AI is real and it's here to stay, so the only true question is how we will approach it. Fussel will inspire you to embrace the intelligence era.

AI changes how we’ll live in the future, but the technology is already here today. That's why Sam Warnaars, product owner at aFrogleap, will take you back to the present. Warnaars will run you through a set of real-world AI cases to get you inspired. Afterwards, he’ll discuss the process of taking your first steps in artificial intelligence. What chances does AI offer for your particular business, and how can you start exploring these opportunities?

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Now is the time to start preparing for an intelligent future. Sign up for our event today, but be quick: we have only 10 seats left and they're selling out fast.

Sign up for the Oxyma AI Marketing event When? Tuesday May 30th, 16:00-18:00 Where? aFrogleap, Van Diemenstraat 224, Amsterdam