aFrogleap is the #1 mobile agency in Emerce 100 ...

aFrogleap is the #1 mobile agency in Emerce 100 🎉

Who doesn’t love the fun of friendly competition? We sure do. Humans have the Olympics, robots have their RoboGames, but what about frogs? Well, we have the annual Emerce 100 rankings. Emerce is a platform for digital marketing, media and e-business. Every year, they publish a list of the best agencies and service providers in e-business and digital marketing in the Netherlands. In 43 different categories, they rate contestants based on feedback from a pool of over 50,000 professionals. Every company is evaluated on four categories: ‘knowledge and know-how,’ ‘price-quality balance,’ ‘reliability,’ and ‘flexibility.’

Today, the results for 2017 came in, and guess what?

⭐ We're the #1 mobile agency in Emerce 100! ⭐

We can barely contain our excitement. So this is the part we leap onto the stage to accept our award, make a big bow, and say a few words of thanks. Straight from the heart, not from a crumpled piece of paper.

What would Leonardo DiCaprio say if he won the Emerce 100?

Obviously, we’re incredibly proud of our frogs. Our entire team of strategists, designers, developers, copywriters, product owners, agile coaches, and directors made this happen. Last year, we changed the way we work, and this Emerce 100 ranking shows that our transition to agile teams has paid off.

We’re also grateful for our clients. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have exciting projects to work on. No apps, no websites, no chatbots – nothing. Their customers are the users we design experiences for. Their brands allow us to create the best customer interaction. Most of all: we don’t work for our clients, but with them. So we couldn’t have won without them. That’s why this award is proof that we have great clients. Cheers to that!

We’re in this together

And there's more good news: our sister companies from the Oxyma Group were also rated first in their respective categories! Together with YourSocial, Oogst, and Oxyma, we are the #1 in five different Emerce 100 categories: Mobile, Social Content, Analytics & Optimalisation, Digital Marketing, and Email Marketing.

Yesterday evening, we threw a big party: the O’17 event in Rotterdam. We celebrated the gravity of combined forces, together with 140 clients from the Oxyma Group, like BMW, Elsevier, Auping, Air France KLM, Nuon, Unilever Food Solutions, Emesa, Rabobank, and T-Mobile. We then launched our new capaign: ‘Making your data count.’ The campaign is all about our ability to unlock brand potential through creativity, data and technology.

Turning data into information

Astronaut André Kuipers

It’s not often you meet someone who’s been to space, and at the O’17 event, we did! Astronaut André Kuipers told us about his experience at the International Space Station. How does that relate to a mobile agency or digital products? The ISS collects massive amounts of data, so astronauts are constantly busy turning that data into useful information. Our products do a similar thing: turning data into information that is relevant for human beings. One way to do so is using artificial intelligence (AI) to turn data into a great user experience.

We’re in it to win it

Today, there is confetti all over our office. And maybe some champagne too. But on Monday, we’ll get back to business. Even though we’re now the best mobile agency, our ambition stretches way beyond mobile.

We offer a wide range of other digital products, including chatbots, voice interfaces, and platform integrations. On top of that, we believe that AI will change the future of customer interaction. The Emerce 100 doesn’t have an AI category yet, but we believe they should create one for next year. We’d definitely compete. Bring on the future!

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