App of the week: TrackStack

App of the week: TrackStack

When an app works well and people are loving it, it's hard to beat it. Spotify is such an example. We all use Spotify, most likely every day. But can you always find that track that you're looking for? Is your - by Spotify compiled - discover weekly list matching with your taste in music? We love this exploring part. And that you can stream all music for free. But still, you can easily miss out on some cool new tunes... We suggest that you'll be digging a little better in that big pile of tracks! With this app of the week TrackStack, you can explore the candy shop of most DJs, digging in the digital library of electronic music retailer Beatport to build on cool new Spotify playlists. You can sign up to this service with your Spotify account to make shared playlists quickly and easily. Whether you'll need a perfect wedding playlist, an uplifting workout mix or a 'thank-god-it's weekend' office soundtrack for the Friday afternoon drinks.

The good thing about this app is that you will no longer experience that familiar problem of switching between phones, playlists or DJs when listening to music with your friends. Nothing new, but it might be fun... swiping through millions of tracks to see what's trending and to look into new sounds from your favorite genre. This makes exploring and sorting through tracks quicker and more productive.

Even though TrackStack lets you play short previews of the tracks for free - and also without a Spotify account - the only thing that we don't like is that you still need to play the lists you’ve compiled via the Spotify app if you want to listen the entire tracks. Then again, a music streaming app like Spotify is hard to beat.

Download TrackStack for free and enjoy discovering your taste of music!

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