How to get kicked out of Apple’s HQ in 3 simple ...

How to get kicked out of Apple’s HQ in 3 simple steps

As an iOS developer, you can’t visit California without dropping by Apple’s headquarters. That’s what our developer Lucas decided during his recent trip to the US west coast. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as he had envisioned. This is Lucas’ account of how he got kicked out of Apple’s HQ. Silicon Valley is home to the world's largest tech corporations. It’s clear that any developer should pay a visit when they’re in the area. I was recently on a holiday in California, so I knew what I had to do. As someone who writes code for iOS every day, there was one company that I wanted to visit in particular. Here’s how it went down.

Step 1: Get hyped about Apple’s HQ

1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA. That’s the address of Apple’s headquarters. It’s where Steve Jobs worked his magic to bring the world its first iOS devices. I hoped I would still be able to sense his spirit whirling around the Apple Campus.

As I made my way to Cupertino, I also started dreaming about all the things I would see there. Can you imagine the secrets hidden inside that building? Maybe I’d catch a glimpse of the new iPhone. Or even better: some prototype of a brand new Apple product that isn’t on the market yet. I was stoked to find out.

Step 2: Step inside Apple’s HQ

Once I arrived at the Apple Campus, I was quite disappointed to learn that the whole building was locked down. Only employees with an access card could get in. After all my effort of traveling to Apple’s HQ, it was hard to believe that my adventure would end here.

There had to be a way to get inside.

After standing in front of the main entrance for a couple of minutes, I decided to take my chances. When an unsuspecting Apple employee walked past me, I shadowed him and entered the building in his wake. I felt on top of the world: finally, I had found my way inside Apple’s main office.

Step 3: Get kicked out of Apple’s HQ

My moment of glory didn’t last long. It took only a few seconds for the security guard to figure out that something wasn’t right. When I caught his glance, I knew my Apple adventure was over. All I could do was take a quick photo of the lobby before I was asked to leave the building.

In the end, I didn’t quite get to see what I was hoping for. But for a second, I felt like I was living the dream.