Oh no, I forgot my mobile phone at the office!

Oh no, I forgot my mobile phone at the office!

Last Friday, I rushed out of the office. I guess I was already busy celebrating the weekend. After fifteen minutes, I sat down on the subway and thought it was time to check my phone. I searched my bag, and then it struck me: my phone wasn’t there… Let me think. What did I do? Think again. Oh nooo… I left it on my desk at the office.

Not feeling like getting off the next station to go back, I convinced myself that I could survive the weekend without my phone. I mean, come on! What are two days?

Mobile rehab

As I walked through the door, the bad news had already reached my home. “You forgot your phone! Do we need to go and get it?” was the first thing I heard. My response: “Don’t be ridiculous, I’m fine!”

And even though I was doing fine, I noticed that in the moments where I would usually grab my phone, I now felt empty-handed. A lot of people would not admit it, but checking your phone really is an addiction. It is the last thing you do before sleep and the first thing when you wake up. At least for me, it is, if only because I use the alarm clock on my phone to wake up every morning.

This was a great opportunity to do some mobile rehabilitation.

How will I survive?

During the weekend, I didn't have to wake up on time. But there were other moments where my phone would have come in very handy.

  • I needed help to drive to a location where I had never been before. Therefore, I missed my beloved Google Maps and had to depend on road signs and common sense again
  • I had to transfer money to a friend with whom I had dinner last week. Where was my banking app when I needed it?
  • Last year, we canceled our television subscription because we realized we only watched TV shows, series and films on demand. I chromecast (is that a verb yet?) everything to our TV from my phone. Since I had no phone, there was not much entertainment to chromecast.
  • I love to play loud music on our Sonos speakers when I take a shower. But… the Sonos speakers connect to WiFi and the Spotify playlist on my mobile phone!
  • And then there was the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Would friends try to contact me? They would probably be doing all these awesome things without me knowing about it or having the chance to respond with hearts and thumbs up.

Happy to be (re)connected

In conclusion, the world did not end, but I really felt disconnected. I had a hard time finding things to do. I read the newspaper and an old magazine. We visited a museum and I went for a walk outside. I would not say I'm addicted to my mobile phone, but it is a really helpful extension to get things done.

The weekend was actually more quiet and relaxing without my phone. But I was also happy to catch up on WhatsApp messages on Monday morning when me and my phone finally reunited. ❤️️