Which strategy and design conferences are worth ...

Which strategy and design conferences are worth it?

Since we had to do this for our own team anyway we are sharing a list of strategy & design conferences for the next 12 months. We think learning and inspiration is important in order to keep ourselves sharp and full of energy. Sometimes it is tough to find a quality experience. This list might help you make a decision. If we haven't been somewhere (yet) we will give you heads up in the "what can you expect" part. dConstruct Type: UX design, Creative, Strategy, Storytelling, Future When: 11 September, 2015 Where: Brighton, UK Who should go: UX/UI designers, Innovators, Time Travellers, Strategists, anybody interested in the future. What can you expect: So, we haven't been here. But the line-up. It just looks super interesting and.. well... fun! The Future meets your daily digital dose of innovation. You should seriously just go. I know I want to. Don't forget to bring your space helmet. It's supposed to be in low earth orbit (you're going with a shuttle).

Usability Week (Nielsen Norman Group) Type: Strategy, Marketing, Creative, UX Design. When: 7th - 11th of November 2015 Where: London, United Kingdom Who should go: Creative strategists, UX designers, UI designers, visual designers, anything designers. You get it now... What can you expect: Specific courses on multiple fields of interest within strategy and design. Learn how to create more successful interfaces. There are a lot of courses, you can make your own schedule. We have done this and it was very interesting and awesome.

Web summit Type: Strategy, Internet, start-ups, online marketing, creative When: 3-5 November, 2015 Where: Dublin, Ireland Who should go: Founders, online marketeers, creatives, investors, anybody who wants to see the latest and greatest of European start-ups. What can you expect: There are 21 different summits you can go to: web, tech, sport, content, music, etc. It is very big (for Europe). And there are a lot of start-ups from our side of the ocean. And of course some of the big shots from the US. Slack, Pixar, Stripe. Also expect some serious Dutch presence: from Edwin van der Sar to TomTom, ING and Blendle. Go dutchies! We loved this last year!

Interaction '16 Type: Interactive, Creative, Design. When: 2nd - 4th of March 2016 Where: Helsinki, Finland Who should go: UI, UX and visual designers. What can you expect: 'Explore what’s next, in the context of the future of interaction design as a craft, as a profession, and design practice as a whole'. If that doesn't make you want to buy a ticket. Well then it might not be for you. Keep walking... (We haven't been here!)

SXSW: South by South West Type: Strategy, Interactive, Marketing, Creative, Design. When: 11th - 20th of March 2016 Where: Austin, Texas, United States Who should go: There are three parts of the conference. An interactive, music and film part. We try to go to the Interactive part, but since it is such a long trip… you just might as well stay for the rest ;). In the end it is great for everyone in the interactive & digital field. From creatives to developers and start-ups to corporates. It is HUGE! What can you expect: Madness, mayhem, an idiote amount of sessions, serious fear of missing out, crazy waiting lines and super "once-in-a-lifetime" inspiration. Austin is an awesome city by the way. This conference is our #1 pick every year.

TNW: The Next Web Type: Technology, Innovation, Creative, Digital When: 26th - 27th of May 2016 Where: Amsterdam, the Netherlands Who should go: Start-ups, marketeers, developers and creatives. Not super strategic, but for a home game definitely good value for money. What can you expect: A great experience, with good networking opportunities available and one of the better line-ups  you can find in Europe. Extra note: Make sure you go to the welcome session in the morning. They have a spectacular intro video's.