"Soon enough" : Tinderbots

"Soon enough" : Tinderbots


When you’re watching the Tinder Plus promo video, all you want to do is download the app (if you hadn’t done that already). Or.. at least, it looks so good that you would almost think that meeting new people, also in your desired destinations, is actually really fun the Tinder way. It’s #SwipeRight time!

Well, sometimes you will also swipe to the left and then you continue your quest for the perfect date. That’s how a human being does that. But with the rising popularity of Tinder, the downside grows too. Tinder’s growth has encouraged a wave of 'Tinderbot interventions' by nerds. This also goes both ways: either for the purpose of spamming or date optimization.

'Spammers took to Tinder soon after the matchmaking app went mainstream in 2013.' Automated accounts were set up to approach lonely singles with explicit messages and advertising links to direct them to their websites. A sham of 'nice girls' promoting games and products, under the false promise of going on a date if you win the game or buy the product.

You would think that only people innocent and easily deceived who were born yesterday are falling for this? The fact is that the new generation of commercial bots actually grow subtler these days and act more and more like a person. Responding more slowly by imitating normal conversations, and trying to trick you into SMS texting.

And if it really comes to dating? The guy who optimized his Tinder picking by automating likes using the facial recognition algorithm Eigenfaces scored at least 10 dates. When he asked his dates what they thought of being picked by a dating bot, they were actually rather astonished by the amazing technology behind it than creeped out.

So, unless you want to optimize your date life through algorithms that make it possible to do an easy pre-selection for you, or you don’t mind buying a Splash ShowerTunes radio to make a possible hot date even more successful, be a little more aware of 'nerds who like to…uhm swipe'.