Events: the Mobile wave - 'Show me the money'

Events: the Mobile wave - 'Show me the money'

Last week we were at the third edition of the DDMA's Mobile Wave, 'Show me the money'. We listened to interesting talks of mobile experts who were showing us how the money is made (or saved) and where value is created in their mobile businesses. Our Bart was moderating the sessions and he challenged the audience to be critical. After every talk he asked the audience if they had seen the money?! The Mobile Wave is a confluence of summits that are held with the aim of gaining more insights in mobile intelligence. The committee Mobile conduct national surveys and share their findings with the industry in white papers and through their events. A good way to keep up to date on what's going on in the industry. It is always interesting to learn more about mobile advertisement, new online business models and data driven marketing. Read our takeaways from the and Eneco talks at the event and find out for yourself how the money is earned as a result of their mobile strategy.

The first talk was from Jorik Dopmeijer, Head of product at Their goal is to show the world the news in a glance, focussing on being super relevant to their users. has an immense daily reach and offers the platform as a product combined with content to their users. Their business model is all about deepening the advertising models on their website and app. recently experienced a problem with ad blockers that people have enabled in their browsers. In reaction to this, they decided to show the user that their ad blocker is switched on and make them aware of the fact that this is basically their business model. By telling users that without advertisements could not exist, they could actually get directly in contact with their users and received valuable feedback which they can use now to improve current advertising models. showed that there are many more opportunities for both users and advertisers when you start personalising content. For example, regional news is more relevant to mobile users because geo targeting allows and their regional advertisers to push content based on user location. Also, is offering its mediapartners native advertising in the form of 'smarticles', which is very successful so far and delivers 10% of the total revenues. Advertisers are being more relevant and can decide how they want to show their content in this sponsored advertisement block. In order to keep it the amount of news articles and branded content balanced, there are limitations per page and news category to the amount of 'smarticles' published. These 'smarticles' are subsequently being well-read by users because the subjects matches with the news article they were just reading about. There are also plans for more sponsored video content in 2016. By doing this, focusses on new ways users are consuming content through the mobile channel nowadays.


Online & Mobile service marketer at Eneco, Joost Verbiesen, spoke about the mobile business model of energy company Eneco. He described it as a service model focussing on the relation with its clients and offering self-service and control over their energy consumption. Several Eneco apps let users manage their energy consumption very easily.

Eneco started building their mobile apps and working agile only in 2014. The way of working has proven its succes which is also measured by the fast increase in downloads of the My Eneco app from 25,000 when it was launched to 170,000 downloads in a year time. They have promoted their apps only through their own channels so far. Value is added for costumers through their online channels because of the quality, convenience and relevance of its service. Although costumers will maybe not use the app everyday, it caught attention because of its convenience. The apps allows users to handle the most common reasons to contact Eneco all by themselves. Eneco encourages interaction with users to receive feedback and regularly implements app releases to create more customer value.

With increasing the percentages of costumer self-service as its main goal, the Eneco app should reduce costs in customer service calls (estimated 1 call costs 10 euro). With their mobile strategy, Eneco gives the clients insight in their energy consumption so that they simultaneously can save money and be responsible with the environment. Within the organization different departments decide together which functionalities they will focus on for further mobile developments in 2016.