Events: Adfo Live

Events: Adfo Live

aFrogleap tries to attend as many events as possible to keep up to date of what's going on in our industry. Last week our strategic team members, Noor and Anna, visited the Adfo Live event in the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. This event is hosted by the publisher of Adformatie, the magazine for marketing and communication professionals. It was organized together with many partners providing us with interesting presentations on the most recent and hot marketing topics. Our hopes were high looking at the impressive line up of all key note speakers and variety of things they were about to discuss.

Hot topics

Customer insights/ touch points/ journey mapping, storytelling, defining persona's, BIG data, content marketing, CRM, how-to-work Agile, omni-channel approaches, the internet of things, creating engaging customer experiences and managing complex data structures. Many interesting research statistics, theories and business cases on these multiple topics were shared and presented in a limited time.

It is always fun to meet people doing the same business and to share ideas on (near) future developments. But it is good to see that businesses, similar to our clients, are having the same types of questions. Visiting Adfo Live gives us insight in which processes and areas we can offer our expertise. We advise clients on a strategic, tactical and operational level in their daily business.

A few highlights

Visiting events like Adfo Live gives us the opportunity to zoom out once and a while. Get out of the office, go to the event, sit down and listen to interesting and inspirational stories! Acquire knowledge varying from hard online conversion tips & tricks to sweet and smart TONY'S CHOCOLONELY strategies.

Tony Tweet

What we’ve learned from Kees Kerkvliet, lecturer at the Business School Beeckestijn, is to focus on successes, best practices and most important of all: to be brand-worthy ('merk-waardig' in Dutch). Something which Southwest airlines managed to establish given the example of different welcome speech from their flight attendant. Building a brand experience is the way to differentiate nowadays. This is something which can be achieved by giving standard situations an unexpected twist. By creating true valuable touch points between users and their brand, businesses can excel in building strong customer relations.

Prof. Dr. Philippe Baecke from the Vlerick Business School taught us how to organize businesses into big data and warned us for the adoption barriers in the process of doing this. Many of the examples he mentioned are issues that our clients are dealing with. They are challenged to come up with solutions for big data dilemma's. This affects the areas of people vs. culture and tools vs. data within organizations.

Sean Barten gave a presentation on ‘How to engage your customers in a Digital world’ illustrated by an interesting ASOS business case in China. The presentation itself was pretty engaging and should have lasted longer if it was up to us!


Although many hot topics and great speakers came along, Adfo Live's promise of "hosting the future" is quite something to live up to. Unfortunately, the presentations were often too short to really dive into the subject and to give example business cases. Most presentations held at the main stage gave us a more profound experience and food for thought. Although the event has not brought us something new or truly innovative, we'll definitely be curious enough to go again next year.