aFrogleap @ SXSW

aFrogleap @ SXSW

This week there is a big crazy conference happening in Austin, Texas. It is called 'South by Southwest' (SXSW). And the conference focus is a combination of Interactive, Music and Film. It happens al over town spread out over 10 days and attracts 80.000 direct visitors and more then 150.000 indirect visitors. Our focus is the Interactive part of the conference. The speakers and sessions of Interactive are as broad as President Barack Obama to JJ Abrams (Director of Starwars movies) to Steward Butterfield (Founder of Slack and Flickr). There are 1000's of speakers and tracks spread out over large arena's and small hotel rooms. The focus of the sessions is design, development, business, marketing, data, social, personal growth, the future, the past... you get the picture, everything is possible. The titles of the sessions can also be inspiring, ranging from "UX doesn't happen on a screen, it's in the mind" to "The Eyes of Robots and Murderers", or "Innovators or Idiots: Mobile's next Hits and Misses".

Obama SXSW

aFrogleap has gone for its third consecutive year to visit. This year our delegation was a bit bigger because one of our multidisciplinary teams won a trip to SXSW as the first prize in the Appaton for LGI/Ziggo last year. Our goal on SXSW this year? To be inspired! Both for work and personal growth. And to have fun! Because SXSW is definitely a great place to meet people, eat great, listen to cool bands and music and meet the best people in our business.

Although we are in the middle of the conference right now this blogposts serves as a heads up. In the course of the next 2 weeks we will regularly post blogs or short video's from our team serving you some of our inspiring output.

We will (and have been) post(ing) photo's and video's on our Instagram or on our Facebook page. If you have any questions about the conference, please let us know!