Looking back at World Summit AI with Bart Fussel

Looking back at World Summit AI with Bart Fussel

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to change the world. That’s why it’s essential to have a global conversation about what we want AI to be. This week, more than 2500 attendees from 78 countries got together to discuss the future of intelligent machines. All of this happened at World Summit AI, at Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek. We sent our frogs to represent aFrogleap. Upon entering the Summit’s event floor, a friendly robot was ready to greet us. The rest of the space held cool demos, startup booths, and a big stage for keynotes from a wide range of speakers. The line-up featured big names from business (Netflix, Google, Facebook, Uber), public organizations (NASA, United Nations, UNICEF, Dutch police), and academia (Cambridge, Yale, NYU, UC Berkeley, Delft UT, UvA).

World Summit AI 2017 at the Westergasfabriek

With such a diverse set of speakers, the Summit covered many of AI’s different facets. We were proud to contribute our share of expertise to the program. Sam Warnaars, our Head of Innovation, hosted an interactive workshop to get people started on their AI journey. The next day, our co-founder Bart Fussel took the main stage to talk about the user experience of AI.

Let’s ask Bart a few questions about his impressions of World Summit AI.

Hi Bart! How did you experience the AI Summit?

“The last few days were a great rush. It’s amazing that all these AI powerhouses from around the world gathered in Amsterdam to talk about what they’re doing. With a line-up including all these big names, you really want to see as many speakers as possible. But, at the same time, I had to focus on our own workshop and my presentation.”

aFrogleap co-founder Bart Fussel in during an interactive AI workshop

What was your highlight?

“Well, I’ve done presentations in many places, from boardrooms and conferences to start-up competitions and hackathons. But standing in front of a 1000+ crowd and talking about a subject so new, with so many specialists, that was a real thrill. I was happy to receive a lot of positive feedback.”

Bart's keynote on UX and AI

“There were a few other speakers that really stood out for me. The main one was Gary Marcus (Uber, author, and professor at NYU). Marcus had a great talk about the fact that we are still very far away from artificial general intelligence.“

Why did aFrogleap want to be part of World Summit AI?

“AI is one of the key developments in our generation. If it can reach its full potential, it will change everything we make and experience. As an innovative digital agency, we really want to be part of these early days. Right now, we’re actively helping our clients make their first step in AI. We usually help in the ideation and experimentation phase.”

“At this moment, the World Summit is the #1 conference in the world around AI. As an agency, we want to learn and get better at AI. At the same time, we want to share what we have already learned in our projects.”

Are you ready for your first steps in AI? We can help you explore the possibilities for your business in a two-day AI Sprint. Interested? Send a message to bart@afrogleap.com.