Long live the big screen...

Long live the big screen...

Take a look at the graph embedded below. The 'dropout of millennials in hours spent watching traditional TV' indicates that the viewing habits of younger generations have changed in the last couple of years. The TV as we knew it is dying... People want to watch TV content - movies, TV shows, sports and the news - whenever and wherever they want. On demand and on any screen. The TV is nothing more now than another screen. And thus, cable companies and broadcasters are challenged to create (and curate) TV content that meets the needs and preferences of the viewer.

soon enough - tv dropouts

Internet TV networks take the lead

Mobile has become our first screen. We enjoy more time watching TV content on our smartphones. With devices such as Apple TV, Chrome Cast and FireTV, it is proclaimed that the future of TV is apps.Netflix, Hulu and HBO have been changing the way of how we want to experience TV. Basically, everyone could broadcast and serve the consumer. Mobile agencies that create apps can also play a big part in this. Developers can now also start creating native apps and games for the Apple TV (available on the tvOS App Store). These are interesting developments and trends in technology of which we want to keep track, in order to make relevant mobile experiences.

Mobile experiences for the bigger screen

We think that great mobile experiences are native and responsive, working seamless on any device or screen. Developing for the bigger screen is also something that we take into account. To give an example of previous work, we created RCO Editions together with Videodock in 2013. A beautiful iPad application that gives you a rich and unique music experience at home. Supported by Airplay and Apple TV, classical music couldn't be more accessible for all types of audience. This app makes it possible to connect you directly with what's on your screen.

Also, in september of last year we took part in the LGI Appathon, where two of our teams of developers and designers won the first and third prize. A great performance! By means of organizing a hacketon, cable company Liberty Global keeps searching for possibilities to innovate in order to create content that keeps engaging its customers. We are happy to announce that we are going to help them find a solution for the problem shown in the graph above. With this goal in mind our team has started a product design sprint at Liberty Global this week.

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