Ben of the Roundtable: Digital Transformation ...

Ben of the Roundtable: Digital Transformation 2015

Based on the outcome of the annual survey on digital agencies, executed by The METISfiles, True hosted a Roundtable session on digital transformation. On one side of the table the digital agencies, on the other side the clients. And Ben, aFrogleap's COO, was sitting at that table. Ben, what can we learn from this session?

'Clients increasingly see the importance to work more closely with digital agencies on a strategic level. Clients appreciate agencies that are flexible, work agile and feel responsible for the success of their clients. Collaboration is key!

In such a cooperation, both parties must be aware of their tasks and specialization. Clients need to take their job seriously enough to contribute on a high level. The responsibility for mobile and web should be assigned to specific employees so they can spend a serious amount of time. Clients know the most about their specific business, agencies have the knowledge of perhaps mobile, together they can bring it to the next level!'

See here the full article and a short recap of that session (in Dutch only):