Bart Fussel on AI: "Give users influence and ...

Bart Fussel on AI: "Give users influence and transparency" (Video)

Let's talk about the UX of AI. Why does Spotify’s Discover Weekly recommend you those songs? And why does suggest that particular hotel? If you can’t tell how an AI system makes its decisions, it's difficult to form a mental model of how it learns from your behavior. This lack of a mental model, in turn, makes it harder for you to teach the system what you like. Last month, our co-founder Bart Fussel addressed these issues on the main stage at World Summit AI. In his keynote speech, Bart explained why creators of AI experiences should aim to be transparent. By giving users a certain degree of influence, AI systems are much more likely to get smarter. On top of that, keeping users in the loop increases their engagement.

To learn which companies are doing this right, watch the the full video of Bart’s keynote here:

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