Appathon! Warriors get ready for battle!

Appathon! Warriors get ready for battle!

20 teams, 2 days, 30 hours, 1 dome... As the largest international cable-company (providing more than 1 million households in the Netherlands with TV-set-top boxes), Liberty Global has been hosting an 'appathon' in the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome for the past 2 days. They brought together the best hackers, designers, developers and concepters of the Netherlands and abroad, to hack and play. And aFrogleap was there to battle with not 1 but 2 teams! aFrogleap is showing its magic! The battling teams have had two intense but fun days in the Dome. The music (5 songs are stuck in their heads forever! Because they were on repeat), pizza (more than 100's of them), energy drinks and the beers (afterwards?) have kept them going...

On Tuesday morning September 15th the #appathon kicked off. Starting a race against the clock, and each other, to come up with a winning mobile solution by Wednesday 4pm. According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, “The future of TV is apps”. That’s because an app is the most effective way for brands to reach out, engage and interact with consumers right on their most personal device, the smartphone. The assignment of this appathon: What would you make for TV? 

Anything is possible. Apps and games. Just use your imagination, work as a team and set out your great idea. The apps are evaluated based on concept, design, code and execution. The 3 best teams are awarded with incredible prizes:

the appathon dome
the results of both AFL teams
And the winner is....
And the winners are...
  1. Team AFLApples - 'Horizon Live'
  2. Team Sloaf - 'Ziggo Pie'
  3. Team AFLDroids - 'Libi TV'

Yeah! What a fantastic win! Our guys won the battle! Exhausted but relieved. And satisfied because of the experience of participating and pushing yourself to the max with the goal of achieving something beautiful and appreciated. Curious about what they created? Stay tuned for the results...

The winners of the 1st and 3rd prize