Webinar: Engaging app users with mobile moments

Webinar: Engaging app users with mobile moments

You are responsible for your company's app, you have users who've downloaded it and you have your analytics setup to track what's going on inside your app. Everything seems to be well and at the same time you wonder if you're not missing something. You want to have more engaged users! Or just more users, period. But how? By embracing the context of the user we aim to create relevant mobile moments and engage the app users with matching push notifications/messages. In this webinar we like to share with you the whywhat and how to be smart with push notifications.

On Wednesday, October 14th, our CTO Naos Wilbrink and Notificare's CEO Robert Leefmans come together to share valuable insights on how brands can start to create relationships with consumers and use mobile apps to move communication towards personalized one-to-one interactions.

After attending this webinar you will know how to:

  • Unlock mobile moments across your entire customer experience
  • Close the gap between brands and consumers
  • Increase app user engagement and retention
  • Gain complete buy-in from your entire organization

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