Shahin, the ultimate survivor!

Shahin, the ultimate survivor!

Oh my! What a great match! We found a new frog, fresh out of school! Welcome, Shahin! Starting last Monday, he is going to be our new Android developer. His studies in Advanced Software Development wasn't advanced enough. Shahin is a super-productive worker bee who was only 10 years old when he started repairing hardware and PCs. Since then, he has always looked for other challenges. Whether it is figuring out embedded systems or building fun and new hardware stuff. Seriously, Shahin wants to know about it!

As a true craftsman, he has built his own custom 3D printer! Even before knowing about us, he printed this frog below. Too bad it's not blue… ;) After creating the frame and adding all the other components, his printer ultimately printed itself. Quite impressive, isn't it? But that's not all. He constructed a smart greenhouse in which veggies could grow independently and fully monitored. He connected the pumps, water suppl, and growing light bulbs with a home-made Android app. And that's what brings him to us! We love smart people who love coding and hacking their way through life!

3d printed frog

Besides developing cool things, he is passionate about extreme sports: kitesurfing, mountaineering, camping in the wild. If it is up to him, he will soon add flying (yes, in a plane) to this list. This summer, he drove all the way to Austria on his motorcycle. An on-going thirty-hour journey with only a few hours of sleep on the back of his bike. And in order to improve his outdoors adventures, he's working on an app that should bring together all the survival tools and link them with Google maps locations.

Knowing all of this adventurous stuff, his new coding buddy Sjoerd from our 'Blitzkikker' team may consider himself lucky. Welcome to aFrogleap, Shahin! Let's make awesome things together!