‘Meet the Frogs’: Neo Cheung | aFrogleap

‘Meet the Frogs’: Neo Cheung | aFrogleap

What is your position within AFL?

I keep myself busy as a full time UX designer at aFrogleap. Within this role I translate data into visually, understandable user interfaces. Interaction- and user interface design are the keys to get the job done.

What do you like about working at AFL?

We love to craft mobile experiences. I like the fact that aFrogleap is continuously moving, developing and optimizing the workflows and processes to create a great working environment. With the 3 out of the box thinkin’ bosses on board nothing seems impossible. One example; Naos, one of the bosses once said: Let’s stop using e-mail internally for a week and try the communication platform Slack instead. Before we knew it Slack was integrated on our machines and personal mobile devices. And it works awesome!

Another great thing is that aFrogleap invests in innovation. Once in a while we organize hack nights where we put our heads together from multiple disciplines. We challenge ourselves to “hack” a cool innovative app within one night. Great opportunities to release our creativity!

As a designer I also have the freedom to optimize and develop the creative process within projects. After every project we take the learning points we see to further improve the process of the upcoming projects. We simply avoid sticking to the ‘old’ way of working J.

And of course there are the other frogs in the pond. Working with so many energetic frogs, my job isn’t boring at all.

Your 3 favorite apps at the moment

Glympse, Spotify, Google Maps.

Morning/night person, why?

I couldn’t get used to a cup of coffee in the morning even though they taste great at aFrogleap. It’s way harder to get up early than sleep late in the night so I guess that will make me a night person. On top of that, I love the snooze button..

What are your dreams?

One of my dreams is to be involved in innovative products that will be available in the near future. Creating awesome user experiences with user interface and interaction design to rock the product and the end user!

What would you like to read in your fortune cookie?

I always seem to forget the message in a fortune cookie so I would rather read something that I will recognize once it’s happening.. What it is? Who knows.. But I eat quite some Asian food, so no shortage of fortune ;).

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

To me it isn’t weird anymore but for many it is: Chicken paws. Yeah the feet. It’s called “Black soya bean chicken paws”. It’s one of the dim sum dishes you can order in Chinese dimsum restaurants, even in Amsterdam. If you get the chance to try it, don’t think once or twice ;).

Another cool thing about working at aFrogleap is that we like to eat well during lunch. Besides the Hamburger-Wednesday that we have every other week, we occasionally organize ‘special’ lunches. I once prepared Dimsum and Pad Phed for the whole office.. a challenge and quite some work for such a big group of people but nice for a change. And on normal days, we prepare our eggs the way we want ☺.

How do you like your eggs?

Eggs: Baked with cheese, ham, onion, salt and pepper. Simply irresistible.

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