'Meet the Frogs': Naos Wilbrink

'Meet the Frogs': Naos Wilbrink

‘Goooooooood mmmoooorrrnnninnggg!’. This is how Naos welcomes us at our weekly team meetup. According to the scientific personality test Myers and Briggs (Naos assesses everyone, why don’t you test yourself!) Naos tests as an ENFP: extravert, intuitive, feeling and perceiving. He is a real people’s person; he loves to surround himself with people; this gives him energy. At aFrogleap we experience Naos' enthusiasm as contagious as he's interacting with everyone in an optimistic way. His social alias suits him well: sprize, as in ‘surprise!’. We can definitely say that Naos is surprising,… good and bad, hahaha.

What is your position within aFrogleap?

‘I’m an entrepreneurial CTO, a technical coach (I love to get people 'unstuck') and ‘shared' CEO with Bart and Ben. I take responsibility for all external / internal contracts, financials, and purchasing. On top of that I do a lot of research to stay on top of  innovations in and around our field of expertise. And I draw! Flowcharts,...'

What do you like about working at aFrogleap?

'I like to create an enjoyable atmosphere and a togetherness in our office where everyone feels at ease. With Bart and Ben I’m surrounded by two J’s (Myers & Briggs) for structure and handling details and deadlines. My tendency of procrastination and / or distraction is somewhat restrained. We form a golden team. I like to provide everyone with input so that they can do their work better. Work hard, play hard so we have Friday afternoon drinks (borrel) in the office. Music, dancing and drinks are always a good idea ;).'

Any funny/quirky habits that describe you in a different way?

'Something that I don't like is silence in the office. It makes me want to break the silence which turns me into a true sound machine(*) Although I can actually restrain myself ;)'

* ranging from animal noises to a horn of a passing cruise ship; it's all part of his repertoire.

Morning or night person?

‘As I get older, I am transitioning into a morning person. I found out that I can be very productive in the morning. When I have important documents / presentations to make, I'd rather wake up early (5 am). No one will distract me at that time of day.'

In the office we have a great lunch every day. How do you like your eggs? 

'A ‘tosti’ with cheese and a soft boiled egg rolled up in a slice of chicken. Speaking of it, it makes me want to eat it right now.'

Slogan/ life moto?

‘Always be curious and be wondrous’

What would you like to read in your fortune cookie? 

‘You have won a sailboat, now go!’

So, where would you go?

‘To South America and the Galapagos islands. Not alone, of course, but with a crew that constantly refreshes itself with new and fun people.'

What are your favorite apps of this moment?

'I’m very excited about Spark, that actually makes me liking my email traffic. All my inboxes are integrated in the app, smart and safe. And speaking of communication tools Slack is awesome since it cut down my email stream by 50%! And my curious part recently got hooked on 100doors2013, an app that is the forerunner of the escape rooms and mystery games. This is interesting as a virtual game paved the way for a real world experience. The gap between fantasy and reality will most likely fade more and more.

Of the apps that we've created with aFrogleap I like the Red Cross app because of its relevance of contributing to saving lives and the RCO Editions app because I love classical music and the Royal Concert Orchestra is the best in the world.'

But there is more than just work, right?

'That’s right! Together with my brother and another business partner we have come up with a great way to combine our passion for movies and beers: We started Cinema Brewers. Based on a movie ‘classic’ (loosely used) we craft a beer and we do this every 2 or 3 months. Then we organize the launch party where we show the movie on the big white screen and serve the beer to go along with it.

After the launch the one time only brewed beers are available in selected bars, restaurants and bottle shops throughout The Netherlands and recently we crossed the border into Belgium, where you get our beer for free if you buy a ticket for the new movie 'Paradise Trips'.

The process of crafting your own beer, matching the ingredients with the movie and brewing the test brew before we execute our recipe on a larger scale is awesome. And the events are just the perfect way to get all your friends and family, movie and beer fanatics together in some great venues. Through this endeavor we are able to connect people, art (all art work is make by artists), movies, beer and locations together.'


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