'Meet the Frogs': Dmitry Volkov

'Meet the Frogs': Dmitry Volkov

From Russia with love… for mobile development (and a Dutch girl). We like to introduce to you: Dmitry Volkov, iOS Software Developer at aFrogleap. Dmitry was offered a job to come to the Netherlands 3,5 years ago. Actually, that was at CXO-Cockpit in Utrecht, the place where he currently lives. A switch in focus on web only front end development made him decide to leave this job, to look for a job in which he really could find his passion: iOS development. And that's the beginning of his story here at aFrogleap. For over a year now. Time to take a closer look at the person behind the awesome iOS apps he made for us!

What is your position and what do you like about working at AFL?

Since February 2014, I started working at aFrogleap as an iOS software developer. Working at aFrogleap leaves me with a lot of freedom, which is really nice because I’m free to choose how to build software and what frameworks and libraries to use. Although you work at your own projects, cooperation between iOS developers happens! Well, mostly we ask each other for help and advice with some things. We do iOS meetings regularly where we discuss cool things that we read or we agree to develop in this or that way. For example, as a result of these meetings we started using ReactiveCocoa in projects.

What I really like about working at aFrogleap is the easy atmosphere around here. And Friday afternoons always give a nice ending of the week with beers and chips, talks and table football. I’ve got addicted to table football when I started working here. At the beginning I was losing to everyone. So I bought a football table and created a separate room at home to “invest” half a year practicing to start winning someone. After another half a year I managed to beat our best player a couple of times. After this I was a bit less enthusiastic about table football, but still, I like to play. The table that we currently have in the office is the one I had at home, because the old table was almost broken and the spare room at my home now serves as the babyroom ☺.

At first we were writing down the scores in a google doc table. But it was super annoying to copy-paste formulas all the time. So I started making an iOS app for this. Our former colleague Benoit made an Android version of the aFoosball app. It could also be used by other companies’ table soccer competition. Recently I tried to introduce chess as an office game, but for now it’s not going very well — I think people only played with me by my initiative, because there were no games yet between other colleagues.

Do you have any quirky habits or funny facts which describe you in a different way?

Well, my wife finds it weird that I can eat hot food in the morning…

What are your dreams/vision/motto/slogan?

I never stop learning. This keeps me motivated in my job. I learn new technologies, use them and start learning more. I never get bored this way.

What would you like to read in your fortune cookie?

“You are our one thousandth customer for today and get your dinner for free”. This is maybe a bit too pragmatic, but I don’t really believe in prophecy and fortune in cookies ☺.

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Before, I’ve never ever thought that pancakes with ham, cheese, powdered sugar and maple syrup was a good idea. So this was weird to try, but now I like it a lot!

How do you like your coffee/eggs in the morning?

I like coffee in the morning and eggs for lunch. At aFrogleap we make sure we have both during the day. The coffee machine is frequently visited and I think that the amount of eggs that we eat together for lunch every day is large!

What are your 3 favorite apps at the moment?

  1. Swarm and Foursquare — With this app you can tell your friends what you are up to, see who of your friends are nearby and who wants to hang out later. I am a check-in addict for 6 years already and I think I did over 4000 check-ins.
  2. Find Friends (from Apple) — helps me to know where people are without bothering them with messages.
  3. Ångström — great design and usability for a converting tool. And I like their big cursor.

Dmitry's Slack profile picture ☺

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