‘Meet the Frogs’: Chris Visser | aFrogleap

‘Meet the Frogs’: Chris Visser | aFrogleap

What is your position within aFrogleap?

Backend developer and professional coffee drinker.

What do you like about working with AFL?

First of all, there is the work. I am a backender, but I do like to refer to it as ‘cloud developer’ or ‘full-stack developer’. Why? Well, My actual work is to provide the app developers with an API that has data. This data mostly comes from different feeds, all knotted and standardized into 1 API (backend). However, since one year I’m also focussed on CMS’ for clients to allow automated imports, data validation, publish functionality etc. This involves creating a web interface + cloud infrastructure + backend application (whatever is needed to get the data).

My day as a backender at aFrogleap starts with coffee. One of the most important aspects for my daily routine. Lot’s of sleep and many breaks. Both equally important.

Ok ok, it seems a bit boring right, lots of sleep, coffee… Am I lazy? Nah! On the contrary, the above is a result of motivation and curiosity. The web is so big and there are so many opportunities to explore for every project that there is never enough time to go through them all. When a client comes up with an interesting idea it’s really cool to adopt it and create the most out of it using your current skills in combination with new stuff on the web.

From the beginning till the end it’s a matter of squeezing as much desired functionality as possible into a sometimes tight deadline. This results often in really cool products, but it also drains energy which I have to refill during the day with - yes - coffee.

Next to coffee, there are my colleagues. They do other magic stuff, but they also help me to keep focus on the important tasks. Even more important, they help me get rid of my dry humor that somehow pops up from time to time for no known reason.

My day as a backender at aFrogleap can sometimes be exhausting, but with fun colleagues and a stable working environment I come home most of the time with even more energy then when I left, and I start experimenting with recently discovered stuff at home, only to benefit from it the next day.

What is your motto in life?

“Versatile, passionate and involved for as long as there is coffee.”

So, you say you like coffee? How do you prefer to drink yours?

Black coffee in a big mock. Not those Nespresso cups, I hate them☺. And somethings a little bit of sugar.

Morning or night person, and why?

Night. As a developer I’m constantly busy exploring or creating new stuff. When I get in the flow (you’ll notice when I have my headphones on) I can be busy like that for hours. And yes, when this happens around 21:00 I tend to work till after midnight until I reach the point where I’m either satisfied with the result, or to tired to continue.

Quirky habits?

Word jokes. My head is like a spiderweb of words that constantly shift context. This is GREAT when it comes to idea generation or creating catch phrases, but often escalates into a bad joke. I love to see the faces of people that don’t want to laugh but still do because they can’t help it.

I play Ingress! An addictive mobile game that requires you to be on a specific location in the real world. If you bump into me on the streets it’s likely that I’m playing ingress, hacking portals.

What would you like to read in your fortune cookie?

“You will find more cookies after reading this.”

What are your favorite apps at the moment?

1- Ingres 2- Soundcloud