"Meet the frogs" : Anna Reeder

"Meet the frogs" : Anna Reeder

In our "Meet the Frogs" series, we'd like you to get to know everyone who's working at our awesome company. In this episode it's Anna's turn to be introduced. We can say that anyone working at aFrogleap brings in something of his or her own to the team spirit. In case of Anna, we want to thank her for having a great laughter. She is fun to have around! Structure is her keyword; she likes to keep the overview and see the bigger picture. Not a bad trait for a strategist. Something she doesn't like? To have nothing to do... At work, she will then find her place on the couch and grab some book to keep herself busy. The ideal employee, don't you think?!

Anna, the 'crazy-shoe-collector-girl' with at least 50 pairs of shoes, mainly sneakers (whhaa, envy!). Who needs a shoe cabinet if one can have a shoe room? This is also Anna. Let's hear some more about her.

What is your position within aFrogleap?

"I’m a strategist, which means that I help our clients with their strategic challenges. This varies from a purely mobile strategy advice to helping out with an omni-channel strategy (of which mobile is an important part). I’m involved in the so called ‘Think-it’ phase in the projects we do. I love to dive into client issues and to help out finding the next best steps to create customer and business value."

What do you like about working here?

"Every ‘frog’ has his or her own talent and is very involved in the things we do and accomplish. Teamwork is key. I like the atmosphere of working hard and having fun. This is translated in joining the bootcamp training, almost every week ;), and drinking Naos’ selfmade ‘Cinema Brewers’-beers on Fridays at ‘kwart over bier’...

Within my job I like doing research and analysis to find answers to client issues regarding their marketing strategy. I love to listen and define problems that we are about to solve together!"

Any research findings to share?

"Well, I have been reading about (mobile) marketing automation and I’m discovering more and more cool innovative stuff about beacons, Internet of Things related topics and online payment developments! The latest discovery for me personally is the use of ‘offline cookies’. It’s no surprise that offline and online channels are merging, and the customer experience is an omni-channel experience nowadays.

A new business model can be to track mobile users in their actual movement from location A to B (with the help of a beacon network and an app) and give a relevant, digital follow-up that is related to their physical journey. This way you use the beacon as an 'offline cookie’."

‘Funny facts’ that describe Anna in a different way?

"I like to go to cabaret shows and watch movies / series. I’m a fan of the Dutch comedian Daniel Arends and have seen him performing multiple times. Besides that, most comedies where actor Paul Rudd has a role in or are directed by Judd Apatow I find hilarious. The shows of Jimmy Fallon are funny as well. And I like to watch the HBO series Girls. A lot! Maybe it's just that I like the awkward humor in this series.

Last month I went to Sango and Buraka Som Sistema. Some names of music performers which I saw in concert. I love to go to concerts! Also really looking forward to go to the Beyoncé concert this summer. And the North Sea Jazz festival in Rotterdam, where our Oxyma colleagues are located!

Do you have a vision or motto?

"I prefer structure, accuracy and consistency. If you do something, you should do it right. I believe if you are doing something and not paying attention or don’t take the responsibility to finish what you’ve started; you could rather leave doing it at all."

What are your favorite apps at the moment?

"I at least check out the NOS, de Volkskrant, NU.nl, Parool, LINDA and Twitter app several times a day. I placed them all in one news category on my phone and it became a routine to check the latest news. Don’t know why, but it gives me peace of mind. I guess you could call me a news junkie. And… what I recently noticed is that I think it’s almost a waste of time to bike when I forget to open the Strava app. Stupid right?!"

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