Live: the Schadeformulier app

Live: the Schadeformulier app

“Yearly, still 1 million paper damage reports are filled in by hand in the Netherlands. This can be much more efficient for those who report the damage, as well as the handling by the insurers" - Ronald Knijf, E-Polis.

No more paper damage reports with the Schadeformulier app. The app makes it easy to fill in the form on your iPhone and report the damage digitally to your insurer. With this initiative we, aFrogleap and E-polis, hope that the paper claim will become a thing from the past.

E-Polis came up with the idea of the Schadeformulier app due to the problem of not fully completed and illegible claim forms. It is estimated that damage is reported 115 million times per year in Europe. It takes an insurer about 20 minutes average time to process a claim. The Schadeformulier app generates the official European damage report form and is widely accepted.

Reporting damage digitally is not something new. However, in our opinion this is not yet done properly. An accident is bad enough already. Each claim is different and not everyone always has everything at hand. Therefore, we think that a lineair experience of filling in your data is not the way to complete the form. We'd like to give the user the freedom to decide what he fills in and when and where he completes the form. Furthermore, the Schadeformulier app makes smart use of the mobile opportunities. You can immediately add photos, define the exact damage location and circumstances of the accident. We are sure that this will provide a better user experience reporting your damage.

The app is a response to the need to simply handle damage to a vehicle with all parties involved. A 'checklist for damage' helps you through certain steps that need to be taken. In the future, parties involved in an accident are able to simultaneously add their data to the claim on their own smartphone. No more paperwork and a logical flow and settlement of the claim. With all the necessary information at hand, users of our app should be able to continue on their way after a collision as quickly as possible.

Do you want to know more about how this idea of the Schadeformulier app was born? Read it in this interview with its founder Ronald Knijf.