'Coffee with...' Simone van Oosten - Red Cross

'Coffee with...' Simone van Oosten - Red Cross

At aFrogleap there’s no better office communication system than the coffee break. It’s like we’re all talking coffee in the morning (almost overruling language barriers). “Let’s have a coffee!” implies more than just that crucial beverage to get you started. It’s synonymous for catching up and connecting with people. And that brings us to the reason why we like to drink coffee with our clients: to evaluate our work and to talk about their future of mobile. For this episode of 'Coffee with...' we meet with Simone van Oosten from Red Cross The Netherlands.

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Hello Simone, how do you like your coffee?

"Well, I rather drink tea. I only drink coffee when I need the caffeine or just when I accompany my colleagues on a coffee break at work. At Starbucks I'm that person who likes her coffee flavored. Very sweet :)."

What does your daily work for the Red Cross consist of?

"I am Marketeer for the First Aid department of the Red Cross. Our work is closely related to event help. Our main focus is the courses. We train volunteers so that we can deploy them for many events in The Netherlands. We want to offer our courses to the public in order to inspire people to become a volunteer later. Completing a course and having a First Aid diploma is not mandatory in The Netherlands. It would be favorable if First Aid could be embedded in our education system. Then more people would know what to do in case of an emergency. Nowadays, people often lack the knowledge of giving first aid."

Which project did you do with aFrogleap?

"We started working with aFrogleap by mid 2013. Previously, another agency had build the First Aid app (in Dutch: EHBO app). In a very short time we had a lot of downloads and new users, which indicates that there's definitely demand for first aid knowledge. First Aid activities have grown enormously. Our main focus is to organize and promote courses for as many people as possible. Ideally, the app is for those who already took a course and use the First Aid app as a supportive means for reference.

As a non-profit organization we are no innovators. We ourselves are no experts in the field of mobile and apps, but we like to play along because the popularity of the app asks for it. We needed to work with an agency that can cope with this growth and can give us the know-how in mobile. aFrogleap came up with new and innovative ideas for improving the app. Through the Red Cross First Aid app we hope to meet the public in offering them more knowledge and instructions in providing first aid when that's needed."

What challenges in mobile do you foresee for your company?

"We have been trying to get the organization of First Aid courses for the public on its feet for the last 4 years. In the app you can find information on courses etc., but it seems to be quite difficult to really get people to sign up for courses. We want to make the website more mobile responsive, also from within the app. We need to improve the user experience. By doing this we hope to reduce the user drop out.We have seen that the app is a means to reach the public quite easily. In terms of emergency aid, it is crucial to reach as many people as possible in a short time. aFrogleap suggested an interesting concept about using the First Aid app in the so called 'Mesh Network'. For example, it may happen that during an emergency situation or a big event all networks are out of service. Mobile internet or reception are often the problem. What if the First Aid app could be a useful tool in broadcasting a message from one mobile device to the other? This is something that still needs to be investigated, but it's great that aFrogleap thinks along about new possibilities of communication."

What are the latest developments you have been working on with the First Aid app?

"In June we have released a large update on the registration of AEDs in the app. Changes in location of these AEDs can be reported easily through the app. Because of this we make sure that the AED database is up to date.Another interesting project that we work on with aFrogleap is the First Aid app for the Apple Watch. This app is not yet developed, but the idea of having your First Aid guidance on your wrist is incredibly smart. Your hands will be free for CPR. The rhythm of the vibrations on your wrist will guide you through the process. You can also call the emergency number while providing First aid to the victim. Imagine how this will increase the confidence of a person while acting appropriately. This could really make a difference when more people will use a wearable device."

Appl watch app EHBO

When I think of aFrogleap, I think...

"Productivity, innovation and a great partner to brainstorm with. As we work with many different partners, their input is necessary for us to work well and to achieve our goals. Working with aFrogleap means a true added value for our organization. We have a very pleasant experience working together."