Arthur von Kriegenbergh - Agile coach

Arthur von Kriegenbergh - Agile coach

We got ourselves a new frog! And on top of that...

Arthur is an agile coach. What a great asset to our team! He rolled into the practice of Scrum, while working in a co-working space during his studies. Perhaps a bit by chance, or destiny (who knows?). A web developer with a growing interest in setting up Scrum as a work methodology within companies. He previously worked as a Scrum Master and Technical Lead at JC Health ICT, a company in the healthcare industry. He facilitated the Scrum team in becoming more agile. This to help the team grow into a high-performing team.

At aFrogleap we are also eager to learn more about working agile. His contribution will definitely help to continuously improve our processes in order to create as much value as possible for our clients. We are about to learn more about Arthur too, but his life moto might be something like: 'Just do it, fail fast and often, and learn from it'... Will this make him a daredevil ;)?

He is an Android enthousiast since the T-Mobile G1! Although trying an iPhone 4 for a couple of months, he was happy to switch back to Android. His favorite apps are the ones that make his life easier: Google Maps ('lifesaver when you just moved to new to a city', as he now lives in Amsterdam), Sunrise, Slack, Google Inbox and Lastpass. Also, Arthur can't do without Spotify and Soundcloud for his daily dose of music. Medium and Blendle are apps he uses a lot lately, to get his news fix.

Feel welcome to our team and good luck, 'Agile Arthur'!

Do you have questions about how agile can work for your company? Then shoot Arthur an email, and he'll be happy to talk to you.