This is how we spend our money: 'Poof, it's ...

This is how we spend our money: 'Poof, it's gone!'

poofing in the world

What in 2008 started as our first application ever made (even before the establishment of aFrogleap) and primarily created as a testing app, is somehow still 'standing strong'. In the past year, the app counted 6.393 new users (of which 4040 users in the US) and 11.634 sessions. Fun facts!

This app was developed as a test case for reviewing process and check whether new features such as in-app purchases and metrics functionality would work best. Also, features like search and deep linking, sprite kit animations tested beforehand could give us an appropriate know-how on what is possible for our projects with clients. Without having a good experience ourself, we can not give advice to our clients, right? Out of nostalgia, we improved the 'poof it's gone' app last year.

The app is no rocket science, it can shake and poof your money away. And that's pretty much it. Some people even got confused by its simplicity... Inspired by the South Park episode, it's supposed to teach us a real life lesson to 'invest' the money in your bank account. n times of economic recession in 2008, the app was intended to be amusing and fun to demonstrate that losing money can still put a smile on one's face. No matter how much money you lose, you can literally shake it off and regain everything you lost... Uhm... We wish that could be true.