The Mud Masters: 2nd edition

The Mud Masters: 2nd edition

Frogs love nature; hopping around in water pools and splashing in the mud. We did something similar in March when we participated in the Mud Masters. Although the water was a little too cold for our taste, we will be back in the mud on the 27th of September. OK, let's be honest, it was tough. It's not like we really wanted to get ourselves into uncomfortable poses passing impossible obstacles. So, why exactly are we doing this again? Because we definitely have built on a stronger team that day. It was not about running the race as fast as we could, but to reach the finish line as a group. Maybe this time we will run a bit faster. We are attending the summer edition so hopefully the cold will no longer be our worst enemy.


Like before we have been preparing ourselves like no others... With the Trainers we do bootcamp sessions twice a week now. BAM! Our trainer Mink picks us up from the office and together we run to a little park close by. The kids from the neighborhood already know that the climbing bars at this playground may not be available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6pm to 7pm. Doing bootcamp together after a work day can sometimes be like hearing your alarm in the morning. At first you feel like you want to stay in bed and sleep a little longer, but nevertheless after waking up (and experiencing a peaceful and relaxing morning) you feel much happier, healthier and more energized.

So, back to the Mud Masters. We are going to see some serious obstacles. And we definitely are going into the cold water again. From pipe runner and slow-mo mud (don't loose your shoes!) to trenches, great walls, slash jump, net jumpmonkey bars 2.0, the sizzler, the flyer....and much more AAHHH! Obstacles that do justice to their names and will give us an optimal experience ;).

What are you doing on the 27th? We may still have a spot on our team... Or we definitely could use some encouragement that day. Cheer for us!