The Mashup Academy - corporate social ...

The Mashup Academy - corporate social responsibility

A conscience and responsible business is something everyone who does business should want to achieve. It’s not only about doing your own good. In order to do business in a sustainable way, it is important to also care about others; your environment and stakeholders. At aFrogleap, we want to do our best and give back to the community by sharing our creative and technical knowledge and skills. But hey, the community is big! So we like to start small and teach the generation of the future. The MashUp Academy

Our way of being socially responsible is to volunteer in an educational and social program called the MashUp Academy. This collaborative initiative of Stichting Reckoning aims to fill the gap in technology education of young students by connecting local businesses and selected schools in Amsterdam. We are very proud to say that we are the first company to participate. We will teach them technology in a sustainable way and employ their creative thinking using technology as the foundation. This is how they will get a glimpse of what they can expect in the future which makes them more confident and well-prepared for the work force. We like to have a positive impact on the life of youngsters and their vibrant and creative of minds, to show them why we love mobile.

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The program

So, in the next six weeks our team will go back to school every Tuesday afternoon to teach the kids skills for life and give them a positive experience. Who are the chosen ones? Ten eager students of the second grade of the Comenius Lyceum in Amsterdam who signed up for this exciting project. How old are they? 13 and 14 years.

When asked why they want to join this program, they had some clever answers…  Some attend to the program for the purpose of building their resume. Wow! Others ‘like computers’ or think ‘it’s fun and interesting', and even one boy 'wants to be an app developer’ when he grows up. Awesome! They show a love for learning and are motivated to continue with their education. What will they be using? Apart from their creativity and their smartphones, they are allowed to work on laptops given by Atlassian (who will continue the lessons after aFrogleap). Plenty of positive vibes to make this program a success! #Techiesinthemaking.

We started off this week's first session with introducing them to mobile, learning them to categorize their favorite apps, exploring the ‘senses of the smartphone’ and a executing a brainstorm session. And for next week? Coming up a battle of two teams brainstorming like it’s 'code red', to build on their app idea. Anyway, something with code will be taught… This may be the beginning of their own app!

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