Swipe right to eat well

Swipe right to eat well

Although it awakens the curiosity of many, Tinder is not for everyone. Obviously, this swipe game is meant for singles (and maybe those who play on behalf of singles). A Tinder-inspired app called Tender, really provides an answer to our small desire to be able to join in this 'meat inspection' swiping (or how we call it in Dutch 'vleeskeuring'). A pretty clever idea, because now everyone can swipe and play the game. Well..., at least we can swipe and share our love for food! As I have been on holiday eating in restaurants at least twice a day, I can really look forward to being at home again and cook myself a nice dinner. But there are times when inspiration is hard to find. A friend told me about Tender, so I said: 'Why not give it a try!' And really, after a long day of work, wouldn't it be great to quickly know what to eat by seeing it pass?

Here are the main features of Tender:

  • Swipe right to save a recipe, swipe left to throw it away.
  • Narrow down your selection by searching recipes within certain categories. Cannibals and vegetarians, all will be served!
  • Save recipes in your Cookbook and view details by tapping on the picture.
  • Inspire others and share your favorites recipes through social or messaging.

An important fact of love is that the way to the heart is through the stomach. So, why not try this app yourself?

Available for Android and iPhone.