"Soon enough": Facebook smooths landing after ...

"Soon enough": Facebook smooths landing after break up

Sharing your life's best moments and being connected with everyone on every possible social channel or platform is all we want these days. A friend request is quickly sent or accepted. However, with the ending of a relationship it is sometimes literally a torture to be reminded of your former partner. Facebook actually seems to care about that. This week's "Soon enough" is about a new service that Facebook likes to offer to its users, and it's called: 'the break-up flow'.

Although still in its testing phase and yet only applied to users of the app in the US, Facebook will soon introduce certain tools on how to manage your interactions to support you in the aftermath of a tough break up. Wouldn't that be helpful? So when you change your status to indicate you're no longer in a relationship, Facebook's comforting tools will be right there to support you!