Leo: get the office vibe up!

Leo: get the office vibe up!

Previously we have been writing about our team messaging app Slack and what cool things we can do with it. Well, we like to keep being up to date with the best tools for Slack. Because it connects us in a fun way and makes our company productive in communicating with the team.

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Hi, I'm Leo! Nice to meet you! I'm your new Culture Bot.

Leo is our new friend on Slack. An integration that makes sure that everything's okay at work. It asks you quite direct and catchy questions to make you think about things which may not be so obvious, but even more important for your well-being at work. Born in Barcelona, one even says that his name is inspired by people's favorite Messi. Leo is there for you and likes to make you feel happy. An attentive ear and a voice at one time, a true friend.

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We recently have installed this Slack integration. Although we think that we're already doing a good job in creating an enjoyable workplace where everyone can feel at ease, we like to emphasize on improving our company's culture. According to the 10 key metrics unified in Leo and its sharp questioning, we get useful feedback on employment engagement based on:

  • personal growth;
  • wellness;
  • satisfaction;
  • happiness;
  • relationship with managers;
  • relationship with colleagues;
  • feedback;
  • recognition;
  • company alignment;
  • ambassadorship;

In that sense we aim to work transparent and keep everyone at aFrogleap a happy frog. And aFrogleap likes to be a good employer. This is, among others, one of our objectives and key results (OKR) set for us as a company, but also on team and personal level. We can use Leo's feedback to adjust our company goals if necessary.

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