How to effectively stick your post-its

How to effectively stick your post-its

Post-its. Who doesn't love them. We have them in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes. In every office there are post-its available. In fact, post-its are one of the top five best selling office supply products in the world! Wow! Well, for those who are interested in the long (and difficult) history of the post-it, we are not going to focus on that now. Sorry. We do think that the post-it and it's potential longevity can be fully appreciated if they are used properly. It starts when you peel off one post-it note from its deck. So, don’t be careless because using post-its is the first and most crucial step in the process of making your agile work more successful ;). Below a simple guide on ‘how to effectively use your post-its’. So watch and learn, it will benefit you the rest of your (working) life.

Wrong way post it

Tip 1: Do not peel off the post-it note from the bottom upwards. You will create a curly edge, which is also the important sticky edge.

Good way post it

Tip 2: Instead, carefully remove one post-it note from one side horizontally to the other side. This will keep the upper (sticky) side of the post-it straight, not curved.

curled side doesn't stick long

Result: you have now become aware of the difference in peeling off the post-its. Does it make any sense to you? What will happen to the one with the curly edge at the top?

Even with a breeze, A sticks better than B

Exactly. With only little time passing by or a small breeze in the office your post-it that has been stuck wrong to a certain surface will come off sooner than you think. Quite annoying, isn't it?

Now, do you want to see how it's done right? This post-it piece of art has been hanging in our office for quite some time. People are walking by, the door to the hallway stands open all the time. But still, they stick and keep sticking. Very effectively!

blue frog post-it art

And here are the real professionals at work with post-it art.

Post-it art Mickey Mouse