How to crash your friend's phone

How to crash your friend's phone

What would you do if you see your iPhone crashing in front of your eyes? Well, your phone is your everything, so i guess, you would freak out, right? And what would you do when you know it's a friend who causes your phone to crash? Only by sending you a text.


I was introduced to this prank by one of my colleagues. He briefly warned me, assured that he would take over my phone. And then, POOF! The black screen with white apple appeared...

This message is quite 'effective in power', as it instantly turns off and on your phone when receiving it. This string of weird looking characters works on iPhones and iPads (no Macs), and thus, indicates a bug in Apple's operating system. It can also affect Snapchat and Twitter if sent via private message. Even copying and pasting this code into a new iMessage text will do the trick, giving the 'pranker' a taste of his own medicine. Not that we really want to encourage this cause for frustration.

Not funny? Apple is aware of this prank and is working on a software update to resolve the issue. If you want to take preventative measures, this is how to fix it. You can disable notification banners in the settings of your phone. Subsequently, you can re-open the iMessage app by telling Siri to mark all messages as 'read' and then reply to the malefactor. Anyway, it should be nothing more than a simple reboot of your phone, so Apple will fix it soon.